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Evergreen Academy

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At Evergreen Academy PRU, our curriculum reflects the ethos of our school.

Children, who join Evergreen PRU, do so after a distinct educational journey, coming from a range of experiences, backgrounds, and settings. For all our children, the educational journey into Evergreen will have already presented a variety of challenges.

Evergreen PRU is dedicated to positively supporting children to re-engage in education and develop and foster positive relationships with their peers and adults. As children at Evergreen attend the PRU for varying amounts of time, staff at Evergreen work with children, both socially and academically to enable children to re-discover the joy and fun of learning.

To encourage engagement and enable personalised learning and progress the curriculum at Evergreen is designed to be flexible. And all at Evergreen intend to:

· Develop, maintain and reinforce positive behaviours and personal dispositions by showing children new ways of getting on in learning and relationships and by breaking old habits and behaviours.

· To inspire and motivate and support children to bridge gaps in learning and re-engage children by building on the talents and skills children already have.

· Enable children to explore their world through an accessible, fulfilling, and exciting, experiential curriculum.

· To support a change in children’s self-perception as learners and enable progress from their individual starting point with a focus on facilitating the development of English and Mathematics.

At Evergreen we use the Bug Club phonics.  We also use the agreed Wolverhampton schools Religious Education (RE) syllabus (Please see each bases overviews).


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Topics - Overview

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Purple Base - Overview part 1

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Maroon Base - Overview part 1

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English - Curriculum overview

RSHE - Curriculum overview

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