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Evergreen Academy

Shaw Education Trust is a growing multi academy trust sponsored by Shaw Trust. We lead and manage academies in all phases, all sectors and in all communities.

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Children who arrive at Evergreen, join us from a wide range of schools and academies and do so after experiencing a range of different curriculums and expectations. Some of our children enter Evergreen working below age-related expectations.


To support our children, it is important that teaching, learning, and our curriculum are flexible, especially if we are to meet the wide range of needs that arrive at Evergreen. It is also important as after time with us, many children will move onto new schools. To ensure that children make the most of their time at Evergreen we.


· Take all children through an in-depth induction process that allows teachers to gain a full understanding of the child's pastoral and behavioural needs.


· Take all children through baseline assessments, to identify gaps in learning and allow staff to develop a personalised curriculum, whatever their starting point.


· Base our topics, themes, and teaching in line with the National Curriculum so that our children are not left out of the learning undertaken by their peers.


· Use a range of strategies and interventions to foster and support positive behaviours and dispositions.


· Promote learning opportunities to nurture and engage a new joy of learning